Welcome to BioPharmaceuticals Australia.

BioPharmaceuticals Australia (BPA) is an industry development organisation for Australia’s biopharmaceutical sector. Responding to a national capability gap in biologic API manufacturing, BPA has partnered with Patheon Biologics to build and operate a facility and to provide contract development and manufacturing solutions . This new facility was officially opened in October 2013.

In 2014, BPA launched the Biopharmaceutical Development Fund (BDF) to encourage utilisation of this state-of-the-art mammalian cell culture-based plant. Funding was also made available for international Patheon client companies wanting to establish local subsidiaries to benefit from Australia’s R&D Tax Incentive and the Clinical Trial Notification (CTN) scheme.

Eleven rounds of grant applications have been completed. Six Type 3 and two Type 2 grants have been awarded. A Type 3 Grant was approved under Round 10. Announcement of the outcome awaits grantee approval. Round 11 of the BDF closed end Oct 2016. A grant was not awarded under Round 11. Three Type 1 establishment grants have also been awarded.

Round 12 is open :  1 December, 2016 closing 31 January, 2017.

BPA's vision was to bring Australia to the forefront of biopharmaceutical development, scale-up and production by providing quality facilities and expertise in conjunction with Patheon Biologics, while promoting the capabilities of Australia’s world-class complementary service providers. The Patheon project has exceeded all expectations, with over 100 highly-skilled jobs created, and a total economic benefit of over $100M returned to Australia in less than three years of operations.

After already having committed over $1.8M to BDF grants, BPA has decided that Round 12 will be the last under the program.  Available funding will not permit the award of any further Type 1 grants.

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