Patheon Biologics (formerly known asDSM Biologics) has partnered with BPA as the commercial operator of the new Brisbane facility. This larger facility will complement DSM’s existing scale-up operations in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Patheon Biologics is part of a global life sciences and materials sciences company that delivers innovative products which contribute to improved quality of life. The company's biologics operations is headquartered in The Netherlands, with locations on five continents.

Patheon offers services across the value chain, combining the corporate strength of a large multi-national corporation with the focus and flexibility needed in successful partnerships with biopharmaceutical customers.

Patheon Biologics offers: 

  • A strategic partner committed to customer-focused partnerships,
  • Combined benefits of big corporate resources with small company focus,
  • Regulatory excellence and total confidence in an outstanding audit track record,
  • Delivery with “right-first-time” reliability for manufacturing efficiency and speed-to-market,
  • Sustainability, with financial stability and a commitment to future technologies,
  • Cost-effective solutions for reduced Cost-of-Goods with advanced technology.


Patheon Biologics sits apart from many competitors in its ability to provide an integrated supply of scale-up, commercial manufacture and finished dosage form services in both pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. Their all-round quality services offer confidence in on-time delivery, a secure supply chain, optimised processes and rapid time-to-market.

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